Pepper Agro 4 Mode Water Spray Gun, 15 Meters

Pepper Agro 4 Mode Water Spray Gun, 15 Meters

Product Code: GHG1014
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• Portable 4 Mode Water Spray Gun is ideal for Car Wash and vehicle cleaning,Garden watering, exterior floor cleaning, Pet shower etc.

• The gun is made of high quality hard plastic material, Adjustable head rotates between each spray mode, including - FLAT SPRAY, SHARP              STREAM, GENTLE SHOWER, and FULL ACTION.

• Double decker hose / garden hose is a product of co-extrusion process, having high durability and perfect usage in households,gardens and            lawns for watering purposes.

• It has high flexibility, durability and goodbursting pressure, suitable for household purposes. Easy to install, this Water Gun can be mounted in         seconds.

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