12 Watt 220V AC Economy LED Street Light Luminary

12 Watt 220V AC Economy LED Street Light Luminary

Brand: Photonics
Product Code:  SDL153688404
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Rs.1,950.00 Rs.1,750.00


Weight 1.8KGDifferentiating Factors:With the background technology of solar and LEDs, PHOTONICS derives its strengths from the followingtechnological aspects:Thermal management of LEDs: Although LEDs (power LEDs) have a stated life of 60,000 hours. If the heat dissipation is not well managed, it drastically reduces the life. hence thermal management of LEDs is an area where PHOTONICS has focused to make the product much more reliable and differentiated. We choose the right size, area , orientation and material for heat sinks, as well as design the fixture to ensure proper heat dissipationand consequently high durability of the system.LED Driver/ controller: Many times solar/LED systems fail, not because of faults in solar panel of LEDs, but because of faults in the driver.

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