1W LED Rechargeable Emergency Headlamp

1W LED Rechargeable Emergency Headlamp

Product Code: AD095
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Rs.850.00 Rs.700.00


• Multipurpose Lamp can be used as Head Lamp, Table Lamp, Wall lamp and Hand Lamp.

• Ultra Bright 1W L.E.D. of life upto 1 lakh Hrs.

• Distance Coverage upto 1 Km, Long Back up upto 12 Hrs.

• High Capacity 4V 4.5Ah Long Life Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery. Heavy Duty Plastic Cabinet.

• Focused Beam with Advanced Prolific Reflector.Specially Designed for Mining, Students, Securities, Trekking, Cycling, Workshops, Agriculture etc

• Safe and Easy to Handle and Warranty 12 Months

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