Bitfenix Spectre All 120 mm Cooling Fan (Black) (PC)

Bitfenix Spectre All 120 mm Cooling Fan (Black) (PC)

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Game Information

   Platform:   Windows Vista / XP / 7

   Media: Accessory

Product Features

·         Keeping your cool shouldn't mean having to make a racket at the same time

·         BitFenix Spectre fans are designed to cool silently, so you can keep you mind focused on the task at hand

·         Spectre Fans feature sickle fan blades, which create a torrent of air without creating excess noise

·         This means that your system stays cool in the heat of battle without disturbing your computing environment

·         FDB technology keeps things running smoothly by reducing friction for long life and silent operation

·         Spectre Fans are made out of thermoplastic crystalline polymer, which lends a luxurious matte finish

·         Made from quality materials, Spectre keeps your system looking great




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