Zicom InTouch - Baby Watch Xenia Camera

Zicom InTouch - Baby Watch Xenia Camera

Brand: Zicom
Product Code: Xenia inTouch
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Targeted for the safety of working couples with kids, senior citizens at home and for monitoring remotely, inTouch also finds its application in retail stores as a business intelligence tool coupled with safety and security features. Zicom's inTouch,the new Push Video Alarm System is a step beyond the traditional CCTVs as it pushes a live video feed into a portable mobile whenever an event occurs. Now it's up to you to take a call as to which events need to be covered by the system! Push Video is the solution of today. FEATURES Get the combined benefits of Video and Intrusion in one single unit Incident Notification is active and instant DIY Do It Yourself -Plug and play, auto configurable On-board recording with expandable memory up to 32 GB Immunity from False Alarms due to video verification Trigger an Alarm remotely (Hooter*) using your portable device, e.g., Android/Smart Phone Low cost low investment Security System which also helps in business monitoring such as customer service and productivity Easy installation No need to spend on expensive CCTV system when the need is that of basic security When connected to Zicom Command Centre (ZCC), you get 24X7 monitoring services facility.

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