Zicom 2.8 inch Electronic Cat-eye (EasyView Digital Peep Hole Display)

Zicom 2.8 inch Electronic Cat-eye (EasyView Digital Peep Hole Display)

Brand: Zicom
Product Code: I.VD.CO.NA.028HF
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Rs.3,600.00 Rs.3,000.00


• Built-in short circuit protect device

• Photo Storage Capacity:77 photos for Indoor Unit;6000 photos/2GB SD card

• Cat Eye(EasyView Digital Peep Hole Display)

• It is suitable for Single houses,Villas,Hotels and offices etc

• Cat-eye Camera

• Pixels:300 000Resolution: 320234

• 2.8inch Electronic Cat-eye Easy View Digital Peep Hole is an unique offering which can be used to call and monitor outside the house for 24            hours with the visitors giving you combined benefit of Security and Conveinence

• Power supply:Supplied Rechargeable Li-battery

• It has Pinhole camera (Outdoor Unit) which captures visitor's image which is displayed on the Indoor Monitor (Screen)

• Photo replay functionTamper alarm function to avoid anyone to dismantle the Outdoor Unit

• It is also very easy to install and use

• Built-in AC/DC auto-switching circuit:When power is come,AC works and the battery will stop work but get recharged automatically,and vice versa

• 2.8inch TFT High Definition TFT screen

• Energy-saving:normally a full recharged battery can work for half a year

• Recording Photo Format:JPEG

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